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Customer Service Excellence to Win and Keep Customers

Providing customer service excellence is what will keep your customers coming back. Customer service excellence will give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a tough and increasingly uncertain business climate. In today’s customer-oriented business environment, “people skills” are critical for personal and organizational success. How you handle your customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team’s and company’s performance. This customer service training seminar gives you the skills you need to communicate professionalism, gain respect, enhance customer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage through customer service excellence.

Who Should Attend:

Customer service representatives, technical and support personnel, field service representatives, account managers, credit and billing specialists, small business owners—as well as managers who want customer service training in order to reinforce their skills and train their staffs.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Deliver better, faster service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Learn how to gain repeat business
  • Know what customers expect
  • Increase your credibility with customers—and your value to your organization
  • Manage stressful situations more effectively
  • Recognize the signals of customer irritation—and how to respond appropriately and assist in quickly finding a workable solution to your customer’s problem

What is Covered:

  • The benefits of excellent service
  • Focusing on customer service success
  • How customer service creates revenue
  • Why customer satisfaction is based on perceptions
  • Focusing on customers’ top two expectations to save time and reduce stress
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Responding effectively to specific customer behaviors


  • No specified requirements

Course Curriculum

Professionalism under Pressure
Understand How Emotions Are Created 00:00:00
Develop Mental Strategies for Remaining Optimistic and Calm Under Pressure 00:00:00
Use Body Language to Control Your Emotional State 00:00:00
Internal Customer Service
Identify Internal and External Customers 00:00:00
Appreciate That Internal Service Is Just as Important as External Service 00:00:00
Understand the Two Levels of Customer Service 00:00:00
Have Influence over Issues You Can’t Control 00:00:00
Managing Customer Expectations
Appreciate That Customer Satisfaction Is Based on Perceptions 00:00:00
Spotting Disappointments 00:00:00
Identify Your Customers’ Top Two Expectations 00:00:00
Recognize That You Can Save Time and Reduce Stress by Focusing on the Top Two Expectations of Customers 00:00:00
Prepare Yourself to Handle Customers by Knowing How and Where They Get Their Expectations 00:00:00
Going for Delighted but Aiming for Devoted Customers 00:00:00
Managing Customer Expectations
Understand and Identify the Personality Styles of Your Customers 00:00:00
Avoid Taking Things Personally 00:00:00
Expand Your Communication Skills to Get Along Easily with More Customers 00:00:00
Raising the Bar 00:00:00
Personalized Listening Skills
Build on Your Listening Strengths 00:00:00
Reduce Your Listening Liabilities 00:00:00
Identify Your Customer’s and Your Own Listening Style 00:00:00
Create Rapport with Customers More Easily to Have More Influence 00:00:00
Communication – Vocabulary and Telephone
Appreciate the Power of Words 00:00:00
Avoid Creating Negative Impressions with Words 00:00:00
Use Persuasive Language Patterns 00:00:00
Stand Out on the Telephone 00:00:00
Dealing with Difficult Customers
Recognize and Respond Effectively to Specific Customer Behaviors 00:00:00
Understand the Physiology of Anger 00:00:00
Listen to an Angry Customer So That They Calm Down 00:00:00
Turn an Angry Customer into a Happy Repeat Customer Using a Recovery System 00:00:00
Remain Calm during Interactions with Angry Customers by Applying Emotional Management Tools 00:00:00

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