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“Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible.”

You have chosen a profession that provides the foundation for students to excel in their learning. Schools and education are the equalizers for individuals to rise above personal circumstances and achieve their goals and dreams.

What are you doing to help students learn? Are you one of the “great teachers” this program is about? If yes – Congratulations! You can help others in your school wanting to be great and effective. If no – then this workshop can help you professionally and personally in making the changes needed to make you one.

Those schools that focus on developing great teachers will see students succeeding at higher levels. Applying the ideas and tools from this workshop will be a critical first step towards effectiveness in teaching. This training is about a chance to determine how effective you are and how you can improve yourself and your student’s achievements.

Who should attend:

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How you will benefit:

  • Set the right tone in your classroom
  • Inspire your students to learn
  • Impart proven learning strategies to your students
  • Learn how to stay positive in your class
  • Develop caring relationships with students


  • No specified requirements

Course Curriculum

Studying Effective Teachers
Beliefs, Behaviours and Interactions of Effective Teachers 00:20:00
Creativity – Its Place in Education 00:20:00
Focusing on the Student 00:00:00
Engaging Your Students 00:00:00
BRAIN POWER – Raising Those Test Scores
Multi-sensory Learning 00:00:00
Identifying Your Preferred Learning Styles 00:00:00
Left & Right Brain: Whole Brain Learning 00:00:00
Linear 00:00:00
Mind Mapping – The right way to do it 00:00:00
Applications in Teaching Accounting Subjects 00:00:00
Using the SQ3R for Learning and Revising 00:00:00
The Principal of Memory 00:00:00
Link System 00:00:00
Mnemonics 00:00:00
Number Shape Hooks 00:00:00
Positive or Negative – Which are You? 00:00:00
7 Habits to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude 00:00:00
Accepting Responsibility for Improving 00:00:00
High Expectations for Yourself and Your Students 00:00:00
Building Trust with Students, Parents and Colleagues 00:00:00

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