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Public Speaking for kids and teens is an amazing course for any parent, child or teen who wants to see massive confidence built for public speaking. This course is all about building confidence as you learn loads of technique that will make the topic selection, speech writing and delivery process much smoother. Public speaking is a life long skill and employers are desperately looking for employees that are great at it.

This course is a wonderful beginning for anyone who is afraid of public speaking or wants to get better at it.

Loaded with tips and techniques on confidence building, topic selection, speech writing and delivery this is a great course for the beginner or even more advanced student of speaking.

The techniques are broken down into easy to understand terminology for kids and yet spoken in such a way that teens can relate to them as well.

This is a self-paced course that could be completed in a day or two or over time.

Public speaking is one of the most valuable skill sets we can give our children as employers, educators, colleges and beyond require this skill set. It’s also the number one fear among adults. Now is the time to set a great foundation for no fear public speaking and massive confidence building in kids and teens, this skill set will last a lifetime.

Who should Attend:

  • Parents who wish to build public speaking skill into their kids
  • Trainers who want to learn to train kids in public speaking

What will you get out of this course?

  • 10 lectures and over 60 minutes of video content
  • The necessary skills you need to train your kids to speak in public


  • No specified requirements

Course Curriculum

The Stage, The Audience, The Kid’s Role 00:07:00
Psychology – How to give them the Confidence 00:07:00
The First Step – What to do? How to start? 00:07:00
Tools used in Public Speaking 00:06:00
Techniques: The Script 00:07:00
Techniques: Your Body Speaks 00:09:00
Techniques: Your Voice 00:07:00
Techniques: Give Them ‘Story’ 00:06:00
Real Practice – The Proper Way 00:04:00
Beyond Public Speaking to a True Leader in School 00:04:00
Video your kid/student speaking 01, 00:00

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