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Low profile selling is based on the premise that professional selling is a well-defined process and not something left to chance. When salespeople wing it or do not have a system of selling, their sales success is nowhere near where it can be.

Many sales training programs are based on techniques to be used in certain situations. Low profile selling, on the other hand, teaches a consistent sales process of proven method of sales communications that is based on the decision making process of the buyer.

You will also find out what sales professionals do that amateurs don’t – the importance of creating long term sales relationships as opposed to creating transactions; how to create a strategic sales advantage over your competition; how to use non-manipulative methods to gain deep level commitments.

The result of participating in this program will be the mastery of a proven selling process that will help you grow in your professional skills each and every day.

You will also learn proven, practical, powerful techniques for preparing sales presentations and getting more and better referrals. Discard those ineffective high-pressure tactics and replace them with the more appealing consultative approach. “Low Profile Selling” gives you the psychological edge to win in this competitive, yet exciting game of selling, keeping your clients from dealing with the competition.

Who Should Attend:

Low Profile Selling is designed to benefit salespeople, managers, sales supervisors, entrepreneurs and everyone else who likes to learn the skills needed to deal with and succeed in the challenging and competitive world of finding and keeping satisfied customers.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Find qualified prospects
  • Build rapport easily
  • Make powerful presentations
  • Ask the right questions to build desire for your product
  • Motivate people to buy
  • Identify buying signals and close the sale
  • Get referrals from truly satisfied customers


  • No specified requirements

Course Curriculum

The New Breed of Sales Professional
How the prepared professional can succeed in the 21st century 00:00:00
What kind of salesperson the modern consumer is in search of 00:00:00
Maximizing your communication skills 00:00:00
Developing your vocabulary for maximum effectiveness 00:00:00
First Impressions and How They are Created
Verbal and visual messages 00:00:00
Analysing the different personality types of buyers 00:00:00
Making Your Presentation
Asking the right questions with QBS 00:00:00
Outlining your unique selling proposition 00:00:00
The burning question every customer wants answered 00:00:00
Intensifying buying desire 00:00:00
Identifying buying signals and how to take advantage of them 00:00:00
Test Consummators (Closing)
Moving smoothly into the close 00:00:00
Reading what’s behind the words they say 00:00:00
Creating the consultative manner of the advisor 00:00:00
Handling Objections during the final close
Common types of objections 00:00:00
“I want to think it over” close 00:00:00
“It costs too much” close 00:00:00
Handling the competition 00:00:00
Referrals & following up
Thank You Notes 00:00:00
Resolving Customer Service Issues 00:00:00
Staying in Touch 00:00:00
Filling your sales pipeline 00:00:00
Proven tracking system for prospects and clients 00:00:00
Setting Goals
The Importance of Sales Goals 00:00:00
Setting SMART Goals 00:00:00

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