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Most people are reading at approximately 20 to 30% of their full potential. They read with no plan, no organisation, and skills which have not been upgraded since year six of their schooling. People who read for a living (solicitors, researchers, editors) can approach 40 to 50% of their potential (especially when reading in their own field).

The Speed Reading & Memory Power has been designed to break old habits of poor focus, poor comprehension and skill sets which do not meet the needs of today’s readers. Beyond that, the techniques used are practical and powerful. Memory is a skill that can be trained and practiced to remember any fact, name, presentation or what is read. This course covers memory systems that can help you retain anything you want to easily.

Who should attend:

  • Executives from any industry and from all levels (Managers, Engineers, Personal Assistants)

What will you get out of this course?

  • Less stress
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Great memory tools
  • The skills grow over time
  • High Comprehension and Recall
  • Boring reading becomes tolerable
  • Remember names, speeches and facts easily
  • More time for work related projects and responsibilities
  • Eliminates having to read lines over and over to get the meaning
  • Overcomes Distracted Reader Syndrome (drifting off, having poor recall)


  • No specified requirements

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Speed Reading
Overview of the concept and practices of Speed Reading 00:00:00
Find out how you read
Identifying the reading speed of individual participants 00:00:00
Getting participants to peg their reading speed and improving it 00:00:00
Understand your mind’s perception
How the brain and the mind perceives and processes information 00:00:00
The relevance of mind’s perception to speed reading – a practical insight 00:00:00
Eye Exercise
A practice to help improve the peripheral vision of the eye to capture more information 00:00:00
Reading Strategies to Supplement Reading Speed
Practice techniques of speed reading with materials 00:00:00
Improving Comprehension 00:00:00
Skimming and Scanning 00:00:00
Improve vocabulary to become a better reader
Exploring how your acquire new vocabulary words 00:00:00
Remember more
Never forget important information again 00:00:00
Easily remember names and faces; facts and figures; processes, etc. 00:00:00
Transferring important information to your long term memory 00:00:00

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