Alex Ow




* Founding Director of IRS Training Sdn Bhd

* Holds PhD in Extension Education, MBA, ACIS (UK), Cert IV in Training & Adult Education, Cert IV in Human Resources, Cert IV in Frontline Management,

and Diploma in Training & Assessment (Aust.)

* Certified Lead Trainer for Edward de Bono Creativity programmes, Certificate IV and Diploma & Advanced Diploma programmes (Australia) and Master

Trainer for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training methodology for ASIA

* The Accredited & Certified HR Consultant for PSMB (SMETAP), Malaysia

* Registered and Certified TNA consultant with PSMB (SMETAP), Malaysia.

* One of the panel members who developed the TTT and EET curriculum and National Occupational Core Competency (NOCC) Standard for PSMB & JPK.

* Actively conducted TTT and EET for PSMB and other MNC companies since 2005.

* Able to deliver bi-lingual (English and Bahasa Malaysia)

* Has more than 25 years of extensive Training, Consulting and Research experience in both the service and manufacturing sectors throughout Malaysia, Asia and overseas

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